Time for a change. Vote out Scearce and Barber. Leave a write-in for warren. Spot Zone Warren does not deserve a vote.

Everything looks good on paper, but will they come. You Folks that are in church every Sunday. When you get to the polls remember gambling is a SIN. I guess even more kids will get free meals because Daddy and Mommy lost all their money at Rosie's

Same as in the past only you have to prove who you are, American citizen, and where you live. The extra $10 is the biggest SCAM that ever hit Virginia, They get paid for dong nothing above their job. There needs to be an investigation. Good thing, Illegals have to prove nothing. I am told…

It is time other people fight their own war. Lets pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan and worry about securing our own borders.

Governor Black Face just realized this. Good thing is he woke up.

I wonder if they used the money to prevent flooding in the future or did they waste it. We will find out next spring when that 6 inches comes.

Yes the Supreme Court must hear this. They have no right to get anyones finance records.

If they are already in office it is time for a change, Tim Barber, 16 years, never accomplished nothing. Kelly got in late and wants to spoil the election, I will vote for Vic Ingram.. Henderson, I will write in rather than vote for him. I am wondering why candidates don't get out and cam…

I think they are not telling the truth and the Poll is also. The business has closed many stores and I will celebrate their going Bankrupt. .

johndodd commented on Donald Trump's Second Civil War

I am a soldier in Trumps Army, ready to serve and fight.

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