All of Dan River Middle School’s sixth graders congregated in the gym on Tuesday morning to meet a few special guests from the Danville Braves. Organized by physical education teacher Earl Glass, three Braves players, the manager and the general manager visited the middle school to talk about their own experiences with overcoming failure. Glass said the school is emphasizing to the kids the importance of a “growing mentality.” During his own pep talk, Glass told the kids to remember the importance of the word “yet,” citing the difficulties individuals like entrepreneur Walt Disney, NBA player Lebron James and Harry Potter series author J.K. Rowling faced before becoming successful. “We want them to know that they’ll probably fail at some point, but it’s important to keep going,” said Glass. The morning program ended with a competitive dodgeball game between some of the students and the Danville Braves players. On Wednesday evening, middle school students from across Pittsylvania County will be attending the Danville Braves game for free during D.A.R.E. Day — a collaboration between the Braves, the police department and the school systems.

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