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You have an opportunity on November 5th to bring new jobs, create tax and tourism revenues for our city and state, and ensure that a unique entertainment option could be available for everyone’s pleasure in and around Danville. A referendum on the Election Day ballot gives you a chance to vote in favor of pari-mutuel wagering, to the benefit of everyone here.

Approval of the measure will potentially allow for a Rosie’s Gaming Emporium to open in the city, creating jobs and boosting city and state coffers. Similar facilities that have opened in three other Virginia localities that have passed this same referendum have produced $6 million in tax revenues in only a few months. This referendum is the ultimate win-win-win.

There are so many benefits to allowing pari-mutuel wagering: 

1. So Much Fun!

People love to wager, particularly when they can play a whole night for relatively small amounts of money. The average visitor at Rosie’s Gaming Emporiums in New Kent County, Vinton and Richmond spends just $50-$75 for a night of entertainment. That’s the price of dinner and a movie, but the movie theater doesn’t give you the chance to win your money back. Even better- data from this year shows 95% of the visitors to the New Kent County facility, which has been open the longest, came from outside the county! The jobs are being created in New Kent, and the revenue is coming from visitors from outside the community. That’s a great recipe for local success and growth.

2. Jobs and Tourism

At the other three sites, Rosie’s has created between 100-450 jobs at each and paid out $25.3 million in jackpots in half a year. If a new facility opens in Danville the facility owner, Colonial Downs Group, expects residents of North Carolina to pour across the border to play, bringing much-needed revenue to our city. The company owns the racetrack in New Kent County.

3. Better Schools, Roads, Police, Public Amenities

What does $6 million in tax revenues mean to communities that have welcomed pari-mutuel gaming? It means the badly-needed revenue to replace aging schools, repair roads, hire more police and firefighters, and more. A vote in favor of the pari-mutuel referendum will provide the city with a new opportunity to gain more tax revenue to improve life for every resident.

4. Safety and Security

Would a Rosie’s be a safe destination, inside and outside the facility? This is a critical question to potential patrons and Colonial Downs Group alike. The new venue can’t be successful unless patrons are confident about their safety. At Rosie’s around the state, enhanced lighting around the exterior of the building and expansive surveillance inside and outside provide an extraordinary level of security. Twenty percent of employees are tasked with ensuring the safety of everyone in and immediately outside the facility, and Colonial Downs partners with local police to create a safe and secure environment. In short, the safety and security of patrons and staff are their number one concern.

5. What About People Who Struggle with Addiction?

Colonial Downs recognizes its responsibility to ensure that Rosie’s is a safe place for fun and enjoyment. That is why all associates are trained to recognize the small percentage of people who are challenged to control their spending. Employees intervene on their behalf, and divert them to the help they need. They take this responsibility very seriously.

6. Local Leaders Support the Plan

Local elected officials, community leaders and the Register & Bee editorial board have all endorsed the referendum. The Register & Bee editorial board noted its support of the ballot measure, writing: “The city stands to benefit, residents who would secure a job at a gaming facility stand to benefit — it’s a winning proposal for all.”

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