Little Theatre of Danville is busy preparing for this week’s debut of “Contempt of Court.”

This play promises to be fun for audience members, who get a chance to be involved in deciding the fate of the plaintiff versus the defendant in three different cases.

The central character, played by Madalyn Martin, is Judge Judy Koch, who is presiding over the People’s Night Court.

“I’ve really enjoyed working on this play,” Martin said. “It’s always fun to involve the audience. You don’t know how the individual audience member who wants to be involved will react or what they will say. The resulting adlibs can be hilarious.”

The opposing lawyers, Sydney Schyster and Melissa Cheatham, are portrayed by Michael Carter and Danya Zuniga. Their opening scene reveals something surprising about their relationship.

Zuniga related strong feelings about this performance. “I always enjoy working with the Little Theatre of Danville, she said. “We look forward to bringing this show to our community.”

Carter has two perspectives since he not only acts in the play, but also directs. His fourth directorial role with Little Theatre is different from the first three.

“A show like ‘Contempt of Court’ is challenging to a director because it is part scripted, part improvisation,” Carter said. “The actors will interact with audience members each night, so no two performances will be exactly the same.”

Tremayne Oakes brings the bailiff, Mondhill, to life as he tries to keep this unusual courtroom in order. He expressed his pleasure in being part of this production.

“This is my fourth play with Michael Carter and my first with the Little Theatre of Danville,” Oakes said. “I look forward to working here again in the future. This is a very hard and tricky play, but funny.”

And the cast is complete with the performances of David Hammack. That’s right — performances. Hammack plays six different roles that add an additional element of humor.

Speaking on Little Theatre of Danville, he said it “continues to highlight and showcase the reservoir of talent in the River City. We have so many young people who have a talent and passion for theatre.”

Michelle Wilkerson Nance, the stage manager, praised the cast for bringing this show to life. “It’s been a refreshing pleasure to work with such a creative and collaborative group of professionals.” she said. “I can’t wait for audiences to have the opportunity to laugh and participate in the unique experience we have created here.”

Finally, no play can be produced without those who work in the background. Michelle Holt was responsible for finding and mixing music for the show. Alan Holt has brought reality to the set and he also has set up the sound and lights and will bring the play to life with the addition of these elements.

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