The big question

We are going through a pandemic, something we have never had to endure before, that is killing people worldwide. This pandemic has become a kind of war. But what about the physical and emotional wars we have been going through for ages? There is racism that doesn’t seem to have a cure. There is also no cure, right now, for COVID-19, but we are trying very hard to find one. Are we seriously trying to find a cure for racism?

I sort of understand white-on-black racism, but I am beginning to think that black-on-black crime is racism, isn’t it? It does cause hate and oppression, yes, and death. Is it because we don’t have knowledge and have been taught very little about our heritage and the struggles of our forefathers? Do we have no pride as a people? By killing ourselves, isn’t that giving them less to do?

What is it when our children can’t and won’t do well in school? Parents, are you giving and showing your children love so they will in turn know how to show love? Teachers, you are the second person the child sees after getting off the bus. Do you show them love or more ridicule, such as they sometimes get at home? What’s love got to do with it? Everything!

What about the government? I read an article in Sunday’s paper by Cal Thomas. I agree, wouldn’t more job opportunities cut down on giving billions of dollars in stimulus checks? People need to work. Even the Bible says man that does not work does not eat. People need to become self-sufficient so they can feel proud about themselves. Yes, some really do want to work.

We need love. The Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself. Government, we are your neighbors and not wanting handouts. The big question is, when will we get it right?

Renee Jiggetts-Tucker


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