Find a middle way on gun laws

To the editor:

Virginius Dabney graduated from the University of Virginia. He was a teacher, newspaper reporter/writer, editor and author. He was what we used to call a true “Virginia Gentleman.” He was known for speaking out for the rights of blacks citizens in an era when that wasn’t done. But he was a man of his beliefs and wasn’t afraid to express his views. His thinking was if white Southerners did not give in to the rightful demands of black citizens, then something would happen in the future that would be far worse than than anything that they could imagine. Rights to vote, sit where one wanted on public transportation, no poll tax and such would pay huge dividends in good feelings and relations between the races. But few would heed his warnings, and the rest as they say is history.

I see similarities today in the gun issue that seems to divide us. If we as gun owners, hunters and just those who believe in the Second Amendment right to gun ownership need to compromise because there are people who want to take right away.

We should be the ones calling our senators and representatives with our thoughts on meaningful changes before those who would gladly take those rights away finally get the votes in the house and senate to do just that. The NRA is just wrong, in my opinion, to refuse to concede anything.

Let’s not screw this up like we did the civil rights struggle years ago when a little give and taske would have went a long way.



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