Rational discussion needed on guns

To the editor:

The word “compromise” means a give and take: I’ll concede this, if you will give this in return. It’s what our country was founded on. At least once in our country’s history, we refused to compromise — or maybe we just ran out of compromises — and the result was our American Civil war.

When I suggest compromise on the issue of gun violence, I don’t mean that I give up all of my rights to bear arms but simply to sit down and have a rational discussion on things such as the size of clips [capacity], silencers, bumper stocks and such that make a shooting incident that much more terrible.

My point was if you and I, the legal gun owners who abide by the laws, don’t try and make meaningful change, there are those out there who will force change on us that we don’t like.

But I see from comments on my previous letters that rational, meaningful discussion may not be possible.



Thanks to a stranger

To the editor:

I would please like to use this venue to thank a wonderful gentleman who helped us on Sunday, Sept. 15.

My husband and I went to Western Sizzlin’ for lunch on Sunday. When I went to pay at the register, I was informed that a gentleman who sat near us, dressed in a red shirt, had paid for our meal.

We cannot thank you enough sir, from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you. Your kindness was such a blessing to us. Be assured we will pass your blessing to us along to someone else.

Again, God bless you, and we thank you.



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