Personal responsibility and opioids

To the editor:

The opioid crisis. It’s real and it’s bad. I feel for all who have died and the ones who are suffering. I feel for the innocents who are also adversely affected.

But let’s stop and pause and reflect. Who is to blame? Everyone wants to jump on the drug companies, of course. That goes without saying. Next, let’s hammer the doctors. Again a no-brainer.

But what about another possible cause or reason that has largely gone unnoticed and is hardly talked about in 2019 United States. Namely individual responsibility. Isn’t that something we need to look at? Both my wife and I have had procedures and surgeries and were given opioid-type pain killers. We took them as needed and in some cases did not take them, as ibuprofen sufficed. These drugs were developed and marketed to serve a specific group of patients who suffered from terrible pain. But we as informed citizens need to understand and be informed about the possible side effects including addiction.

I do believe there is plenty of blame to go around including the drive for profit from some companies but how can we just ignore that a good portion of our society just makes poor decisions. We abuse alcohol, we have abused tobacco and I think we have abused just about every drug there is, including Tylenol. But instead of accepting any responsibility for our actions, we have to play the victim game and put it on someone or something else. it can’t be our bad decisions.



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