Writer: Schools are not to blame

To the editor:

Only two of Danville’s schools are accredited for what that’s worth. Superintendent to contact Richmond for assistance. What assistance can Richmond provide? Can Richmond tell Danville’s population to wait before having children, so families can plan how they are to take care of and nurture children? Can they tell parents to stay married and provide a loving and stable home?

Why are so many grandparents raising their grandchildren? Does a child come home from school and see mom or dad with a boyfriend or girlfriend? Maybe they are doing drugs and it is not an environment conducive to good academic success?

I could go on and on about all the different factors that contribute to low test scores and low grades, but you get the idea. But that is not what we will focus on. We will ask Richmond to help the schools because the schools are somehow at fault here. It could not possibly be the lack of parents, parenting and other factors that our society and politicians seem to always overlook when it comes down to why little Johnny cannot read or do math.



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