Writer: Try some Trump facts

To the editor:

I would like to respond to Bill Lawrence’s Nov. 3 letter to the editor, “Lying Democrats and their media accomplices.”

I suppose some Democratic politicians do lie or stretch the truth on occasion. I doubt seriously that they are all liars, no more than I would accuse all Republican politicians of lying. Lawrence also seems to think that there is some sort of a collusion going on between “liberal” newspapers such as the Washington Post and the Danville Register & Bee! (I have lived in Danville going on 41 years and have always thought the R&B has been fair and even-handed when publishing all sides of political/social/and religious views — I can personally testify to how they treat religious opinions!). Lawrence also repeated the false claim that Robert Muller’s grand jury investigation into possible Russian interference in our 2016 elections was a “hoax.” Because of that investigation Muller indicted 34 people. Several of these have (had?) close ties to Trump. These include Paul Manafort, a former Trump campaign manager; Rick Gates, also a former Trump campaign official; Michael Flynn, a retired Army general and the White House Security Advisor. Then there is Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer and a “long-time fixer.” It was Cohen who paid hush money to two women with whom Trump had sexual relationships. In his testimony Cohen told the court that the deals with these women were made “…at the direction of, and in the coordination with, the ‘then candidate Trump’.” Some witch hunt hoax!

But since Lawrence seems to be interested in liars, let’s talk about one: Donald Trump. Since coming to office in 2017 Trump has lied or made misleading claims 13,435 times (FactCheck.org). Space won’t allow the listing of all his lies, many of which have been repeated over and over, so consider the following:

(1) Trump made a campaign promise that he would be so busy as president he wouldn’t have time to play golf, and he publicly ridiculed President Obama every time the latter went out to play and accused Barack Obama of wasting taxpayers money. So far Trump has been in office 1,018 days (as of Nov. 4) and has spent 313 of those days on his properties, 237 of which were at his golf resorts. According to the CBO (the Congressional Budget Office) taxpayers have shelled out over $102 million dollars to fly him there.

(2) In his campaigns, Trump stirred up the people attending his rallies by claiming he was going to lock-up Hillary Clinton. To which the crowds cheered and hooted “lock her up,” and even later shouted “hang her in the street.” Trump, of course, never locked her up, seemingly unaware that in this country you don’t get locked up without due process (unless you are like Trump and have no respect what-so-ever for our constitutional rights). Moreover, in his rallies Trump has engaged in gutter language totally unfitting for the office he holds. This reminds me of a quote credited to the famous Homer Simpson: “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.” Trump has no class, no civility, no dignity, no integrity, no empathy and no compassion. He is totally clueless how to act as a mature intelligent human being. He certainly has no idea how to be presidential. He is nothing more than a school bully who chases girls.

(3) Trump also lied when he said he would release his taxes. He hasn’t.

(4) Trump claimed he would sue his sexual accusers. He didn’t.

(5) Trump bragged he would not settle his defunct Trump University lawsuit. He did to the tune of 25 million dollars.

(6) Trump claimed he would wipe out the national debt. He didn’t. The national debt now stands at $22 trillion, the last $2 trillion added after Trump took office in 2017. It is estimated (by people qualified to do this) that if Trump is re-elected (may any “god out there” forbid!) he will add a total of $9.1 trillion to the debt.

(7) Trump bragged he would “drain the swamp” and hire the “best people.” Really? Then how does one explain that in the first three years of his term 80 percent of his “A” team have turned over, and 10 Cabinet members have left or been fired. (For comparison George W. Bush’s turnover for the same time was three; Bill Clinton’s was four; and Obama’s three).

(8) Trump claimed his tax cut was the biggest in history. It ranks eighth.

(9) Trump bragged his electoral election was a landslide. It was 48th out of 58.

(10) Trump boasted that he had the largest inauguration crowd in history. It wasn’t.

(11) Trump mouthed marriage wedding vows three times. He is a serial adulterer.

One has to wonder if all of the shenanigans that have occurred during the first three years of Trump’s presidency had occurred during Obama’s first term, just what the GOP response would have been. We know what it was when President Clinton lied about a consensual affair with a White House intern. The Republican House impeached him. Compared to Donald Trump’s lies, along with his arrogant, misogynistic, racist, self-important, egotistic, adulterous cheating and two-timing performances, President Clinton is looking more and more like an angel. Trump is not fit for polite company, especially if wives are present. Trump is an embarrassment to this nation and all that it stands for.



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