A great addition to the community

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the article titled “New Tightsqueeze gym aims to fill need for fitness facility in county” published in the Register & Bee on Nov. 21.

For me, it is very exciting to have access to a 24-hour gym that is much closer to my home than other gyms are. It is also important for the Tightsqueeze and Chatham areas to have a good, convenient and reliable place to exercise.

Opening this gym, in its location, is a huge relief for many of the people in the area. For me, a 40-plus minute commute to the nearest gym is now only 15 minutes. Additionally, this facility is owned by someone whom many of us are familiar with — I think that is awesome, as well as a good reason to attend.

The new R3 in Tightsqueeze will be great to reinforce a sense of community and belonging among those who choose to attend. This is a good opportunity for people in the area to connect with one another in a comfortable, common space while also improving themselves.

The Chatham area has made strides in the last few years, and R3 is one of the great changes happening in the area.

I have waited years to have a gym in Tightsqueeze, and who better to open one than Daniel Rogers?



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