Trump trying to fix Obama's mess

To the editor:

We wouldn’t have a country if our so-called leaders of today were running this country back in 1775. Washington is one big scandal. President Trump is trying to improve this country and drain the swamp, when all the socialists or communist are working to destroy us.

Approximately $30 million and 30 months were wasted on a Russia probe. Where was the FBI back when Red China was allowed to buy our nuclear and missile technology? How do you think North Korea got nuclear and missile technology?

These illegal aliens allowed to invade our country in the millions, and there will be billions of taxpayer money allowing them to locate in this country.

Congress allowed President Obama to double the national debt. Then there’s Obama’s $450 billion on the phony nuclear deal with Iran and the release of five dangerous Taliban fighters from Gitmo in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who left his post in Afghanistan.

I’m surprised Obama didn’t give Sgt. Bergdahl a Medal of Honor. And releasing poor Pvt. Chelsea Manning from prison after releasing 700,000 classified pieces of information to the enemy?

Hillary Clinton as secretary of state traveled around to different countries collecting money for the Clinton Foundation and allowing classified information on a private server and nothing has been done about this. Did Hillary Clinton use money from The Clinton Foundation for her presidential campaign?



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