The run-around of medical care

To the editor:

I had a fall on May 9. I went back to my office, and my supervisor put medicine and bandages on my three fingers which were bloody and very raw. He thought one of my fingers was broken! I was concerned about my knee, which is a replacement knee and was twitching and burning.

I went home after work and propped my knee up with an ice pack. I also took a tongue depressor to made a splint for my broken finger, after putting more medicine on the raw area. The next morning, I knew I needed an X-ray for my finger and knee. I was at the Veterans Clinic at 7:45 a.m., and they told us we could come on in. When I checked in, the front desk clerk asked if I had an appointment, and I said, “No, but I have an emergency.” She could see my raw fingers because they were uncovered, and I was holding my hand above my heart to keep the pounding down some. She said I could not be seen now, that I had to come back at the walk-in time, which is 10:30 a.m. I said, “You’re kidding, right?” She said no! I have been to the walk-in time before & you sit for hours, and I do have a job.

So, I went to Go Docs since I have been there many times. They have my records from my previous family practice, and they have a big pink sign on Piney Forest Road that says they take walk-ins. I signed in and had a seat. The desk clerk called me and asked if I had an appointment. I said no but I have an emergency and your sign says you take walk-ins. She said I couldn’t be seen this morning as they do not take walk-ins anymore. I could come back at 2:30 p.m. if I wanted. I said no, “I do not want to and you are not honoring your sign.” She said the sign company has been contacted but they haven’t had time to take it down yet. I walked out at this point because I had become upset, in addition to being in pain.

I called my office and asked my friend to call the Prime Care near the airport to see if they take walk-ins. She called me back and said only the Centra, near Sam’s and the hospital would take walk-ins. I asked her then to call Med Express, because I wanted to get to work and not spend my whole day going from place to place. She told me they would take me. I did get seen and X-rayed; my finger is broken but the knee is only bruised.

I just could not believe what I went through that day and want to warn others. Plus, I am a veteran.



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