Vote for truly pro-life leaders

Will the real pro-lifers please stand up?

As a pediatrician for more than three decades, I am all for babies living. Moreover, I want them to have good, healthy lives that will ensure that they are good, healthy citizens that benefit our society long after I’m incapable of taking care of myself.

But the current political party leaders claiming to share that sentiment greatly disappoint me for the most part. Between children dying alone of preventable diseases while in government care at our border and in our foster care system, to agreeing that it is OK to charge desperate parents more than a million dollars for a life-saving treatment for babies, they have put the profits of shareholders and government contractors first.

I don’t know — in fact I’m rather cynical — that any other mainstream political party would do better, but I’d like to think that the people voting pro-life would demand more from their individual leaders.

Change comes from within, not from without, and the leaders we elect today and tomorrow (let’s just forget about yesterday — all we do is argue pointlessly when we talk about that) need to do more to concretely reflect the values that we claim we care about.

Vote for leaders that support children and for the parents working so hard to make their lives better in actions as well as words. Our future as well as theirs depends on it.



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