Learn from our D-Day heroes

To the editor:

Last week, I interviewed a 96-year-old World War II veteran named James Myers who lives in Pittsylvania County. He is still as sharp as a tack, and he shared his memories of serving our country, beginning with his induction in the Army on what turned out to be D-Day — June 6, 1944.

With some study, I learned more about that day when 115,000 Americans, British and Canadians climbed the cliffs on the shores of Normandy with 50,000 Germans firing on them from above. Thousands of young men died that day and in the following weeks of that battle. Almost 10,000 Americans are buried beneath the crosses and Stars of David on that grassy farmland that is beautiful and quiet today.

As President Trump addressed the large gathering on that site, 60 of those elderly war heroes had come from the United States to remember that day. The difference in aging is a reminder to us all that we live on the earth for a few short years.

The TV announcer asked one old soldier who was still able to wear his uniform, how he had that much courage. Without trying to take credit, he readily admitted, “I didn’t have courage. I was scared as a rabbit, but somebody had to do it. Somebody had to take out Hitler.”

Why would thousands run toward death in such a horrible way? It was to return freedom to the Earth ... freedom to worship God as we choose ... freedom for the Jews who were headed to the German gas chambers … freedom for troops who were captured … freedom for generations yet to come who must not allow all-controlling Nazi government to take over our needs at the cost of our freedom.

Those men had courage, and we must have courage to keep us free. Unbelievably, today there are many Americans who do not understand that socialism does not work because it takes away the initiative of the individual to care for his own needs. The Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela and every socialist or Communist country on Earth has turned into a poverty-stricken shadow of its past as vicious, power-hungry leaders rule with an iron fist. Yes, they do provide some food, clothing, housing and, yes, socialized health care, but it is a pittance of what the individual can earn in a free capitalistic economy.

Let us learn the lessons of history, and not fall to the lies and failures of socialistic slavery. My fellow Americans, may we take our turn to stand strong for our God and our country.



Great medical care in Danville

To the editor:

I recently had a total hip replacement surgery by an excellent local surgeon. The operation took place at Sovah Health Hospital in Danville where I spent three days. I received excellent care at the hospital and enjoyed the food.

I then went to Roman Eagle Rehabilitation and Wellness Center. The staff were most attentive and helpful in every way. The food was also excellent.

I heartily recommend the excellent care I received in Danville and am glad not to have had to travel out of town.



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