Does citizenship count for nothing?

To the editor:

In regards to the citizenship question on the census, the Supreme Court and the Democrats in Washington are doing this country a great disservice. The simple truth is, the government needs to know how many people there are and where they are to allocate resources.

The government also needs to know how many citizens there are and where they live to allocate seats in Congress and votes in the Electoral College. This whole thing is one big power grab, pure and simple. The citizenship question has been on the census since 1820 and was last asked in the 1950 census.

Most of the millions of non-citizen residents live and work in parts of the country governed by the Democrats. Counting them as citizens would give the Democrats more power and change the balance of power in the government for generations.

If they don’t count the citizens, being a citizen doesn’t count for anything. It is the patriotic duty of every citizen to demand the question be asked. Otherwise, non-citizens will have full representation and influence over our government even though they are not citizens.

This is not the American way. The people can be counted and asked if they are citizens.

The census does not ask who is answering the questions. It just tells us about them. If they are fearful to answer the question, it only means they have something to hide and are not citizens and not concerned about the area they live in receiving its fair share of governmental resources.

Why it takes so long to print census forms is a mystery to me. And why the government couldn’t explain why they needed to ask the question only points to either incompetence or political shenanigans. The justices said they didn’t like the reasons given to ask the questions and that the government could resubmit their motion but there was no time for that to happen.

It’s all part of the political power struggle. Whenever the president tries to do anything, the Democrats delay it in court. End result, nothing gets done. And America suffers as a result. Just as the detainees on our southern border suffer because of Congress’ failure to act.



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