America's foundation? Christianity

To the editor:

My daddy told me on a number of occasions a fool is a fool, you can educate them all you want to and they are still a fool, just more dangerous. As I read the opinions in this paper on a regular basis, this wisdom becomes more and more apparent.

I suggest you read the First Amendment and tell me where it says anything other than I have the right to worship as I please, to freely speak my mind and to write what I think, assemble, discuss and be able to tell my government what I think.

In my opinion, nowhere does this amendment say religion has to stay out of the government; however, it does say the government must stay out of religion. Neither does the First Amendment say freedom of speech means you can tell any untruth you desire and lace it with profanity and speak it out in public in front of me, my wife, my children and my grandchildren.

Also, please read the July 4th insert in this paper. Ninety-five percent of the writings of the Founding Fathers prove beyond a doubt what this nation was founded upon. It was meant to be governed on Christian principles, just as I stated in my Feb. 1 letter to this paper. What really upsets me is that it has gotten to the point the true history of our nation is not being taught in our public schools for fear of mentioning God!

It is very upsetting to hear the views of some of the liberal college professors of religion and what they are teaching our young people. Who do we think is paying the salaries of these professors? Many Christians are paying their salaries through tuition and other college expenses. We can only hope that our students were raised in Christian homes and can ignore some of the ideas these people teach! I fear we are allowing these liberal colleges to lead our younger generation down a path of no return. It will destroy the freedoms that our former generations have held so dear.

Read the articles printed in this paper by syndicated columnist Walter Williams each Sunday, particularly his July 7 column. He has the common sense and knowledge of what has happened in the past and what will continue to keep this nation united. This nation is one who all others envy. They either want to be like us or want to destroy it because of the freedom and power it gives to the people.

Christians, please wake up and do something to help the leaders of this great nation understand what is happening to our country! Write your elected representatives, both state and federal, and voice your beliefs. If you are an alumnus of a college, voice your objections to some of the garbage they are teaching.



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