Writer: Impeachment a show trial

To the editor:

As of Dec. 5, Speaker Nancy Pelosi chose to move the issue of the impeachment of President Trump to a vote in the House of Representatives. That move placed us in the crossroads as we decide the future of our nation.

We, the people of this great nation should know about this important matter concerning impeachment. The Constitution states that removal of a president from office requires a two-thirds vote in the Senate that would equal 67 votes. As the Democrats present two articles of impeachment against President Trump as “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress,” they should know that neither is a high crime or misdemeanor, required for a president’s removal.

The Democrats base their charge of “abuse of power” on his request of Ukrainian President Zelinsky to investigate the possible crime of Hunter Biden receiving $50,000 per month to serve on a Ukrainian gas company’s board, while his father was responsible for dealing with that country during the Obama administration. Ukraine had already begun an investigation on the matter. Former Vice Joe President Biden demanded the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor who had investigated the company, before he would turn over billions in U.S. aid. (Joining with Biden were the leaders of the European Union, Germany and France.) It is astounding that the Democrats would then flip their crime on President Trump, accusing that he abused his power by requesting that their investigation go forth, and charge that he was bribing the Ukraine by studying their corruption issue for a matter of days! It is the president’s duty to make sure that possible crimes, committed by Americans against a foreign nation, be investigated!

Their second article of impeachment charging “obstruction of Congress” for not answering subpoenas from the Intelligence Committee, is another absurd matter. Chairman Adam Schiff did not allow the president due process with an attorney present, or the right to call witnesses. President Trump knows better than to trust politicians who present illegal whistleblowers who will not face the president after closed meetings were held in the basement of the Capitol to concoct various charges of which they themselves are guilty!

Our nation needs to return to God. Our government reflects the character of the people who voted them in office.

When Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government the Continental Congress had chosen, his answer was, “A republic, if you can keep it.” We weren’t entrusted with a democracy, as is commonly thought. That would be a government in which all of the citizens vote on each issue. It is a scary thing to think that human beings have the authority to determine justice by a majority vote of our sinful hearts as we stand before the righteous creator of the universe. God didn’t take a vote when he gave us our unalienable rights.

The government we have instead is a republic in which we elect representatives to vote on our behalf. The process is an aid that takes the decisions a step from our selfish back pockets and requires time to study and process the best outcomes. We must not place the impeachment of our president according to a transient vote of right and wrong, but on just laws, hammered on the anvil of our Constitution.

May we come through this crossroads in our nation’s history in a way that pleases our just and holy God who entrusted us with this land.



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