Writer: What is Trump hiding?

To the editor:

In response to Robert Hudson’s Nov. 24 letter to the editor, “Schiff’s a clown at the impeachment circus,” I must ask why he always talks about Rep. Adam Shiff all of the time?

I know he is deflecting as Trump does. This is no circus when courageous, full-of-integrity diplomats risk their jobs and lives to tell the American people what they heard, regardless of any politics. This is no hearsay but the truth that President Trump and his GOP allies don’t want the American people to hear.

This is no game to these diplomats. These patriots chose to do the right thing because they believe in right from wrong and support the Constitution that this president doesn’t believe in. They love their country and don’t like what is going on with a president who doesn’t believe his intelligence agencies but rather what Vladimir Putin says, forsakes our allies the Kurds and uses other countries for political gain.

My question is does the letter writer believe in a president who lies on a daily basis or career diplomats who have nothing to gain? If Trump thinks he is being treated so badly, then why does he tell people to disregard subpoenas? He must be afraid of what they might say then. This is a pure obstruction of justice to me. Try to disregard a subpoena and see what happens.



Second Amendment kerfuffle

To the editor:

Who has been keeping up with Second Amendment sanctuary votes? I have.

It will come as no surprise to any of you how this is going. As expected, red areas will vote yes and blue areas will vote no. Roanoke City Council declined to take up the matter as expected Monday. The Prince William County Board of Supervisors in Northern Virginia will have a vote that is being pushed by ousted board member Corey Stewart who ran for governor and U.S. senator. His replacement has vowed to overturn it after she assumes his seat.

I predict most counties next to Washington, D.C., and most large cities and surrounding urban areas will vote no. The rest of the state, which encompasses most of the rural areas, will vote yes.

What will have been accomplished? I guess it is not a bad thing because responsible gun owners, responsible hunters, responsible target shooters and responsible collectors feel threatened because of the clamor for some resolution to gun violence.

I don’t have an answer, but I wish some type of compromise could be reached if possible. If the violence continues and the state’s political color continues to trend blue, I fear what might come out of Richmond.



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