Stand with Trump to save America

To the editor:

With all of the ongoing uproar coming from the liberal Democratic Party and fake news outlets, they keep attacking with words to criticizie President Trump on every move he makes and word he speaks.

These people keep lashing out their words of hate that remind me of those who crucified Jesus. We should have a government with the motto of “To protect and serve,” instead of the violence tearing at our nation from within. It will take the rule of law to preserve this nation during this time of vast corruption that exists in our government. From the local government to the state government to the federal government, each official must be held accountable to their oath of office when they swore before God and man to uphold the Constitution.

The rule of law must also apply to the issue of immigration, or we will not have a country that stands for justice and freedom for its citizens. It is disgraceful how the progressive left is often vile in their disrespect for President Trump as he is striving to uphold the Constitution for the peace and safety of the people.

We must ask the liberal Democrats why they want open borders. It is questionable that their efforts are for compassion for the people as much as securing their votes for the Democratic Party. They strive and lie for total power and absolute control over us — the citizens of this country.

Fox News reports that illegal immigration will brings criminals, diseases and government dependency beyond what we have ever experienced. These liberal, radical Democrats are seeking to elect a president with policies that will surely destroy America by disarming the people, bowing down to evil governments, allowing corruption of our officials and continuing to whittle away at our freedoms of religion, speech, peaceful assembly, a free press and a just court system.

I love America. It has been a gift from God like no other country on Earth. We must pray with all our might that God will continue to use President Trump, giving us all the safety and wisdom that is needed for this time when evil continues to attack. May Almighty God save our country from every evil, within and without.



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