Is salvation dependent on baptism?

To the editor:

In response to the question regarding baptism and salvation in an Aug. 18 letter to the editor (“Water, salvation and what’s essential”), baptism is not required for salvation. Placing one’s trust in Christ with the belief that his death paid for my sin debt to God and that his resurrection provides one new life in him.

The commands of the New Testament are invitations to live in the life of Christ. Baptism is one of the ways that Christ provides for us to enter into his life and experience God. Granted, to ignore baptism will not cause one to lose salvation as salvation is not based on what we do, but on what Christ has done for us but it does mean one will miss the blessing God provides through baptism.

In reading the book of Acts, it is very obvious that baptism was a key expression of one’s faith in Christ, often done immediately upon conversion.

Perhaps a better question would be why would one not want to be baptized since apparently, God places great significance on the act. If someone who knows you fully and completely and loves you without conditions tells you to do something that will be good for you, why not do it.



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