A warning to all Trump haters

To the editor:

OK, it’s our turn now.

For well over two years, President Trump and his supporters have been subjected to the worst kinds of lies and insults. Trump was a traitor and an agent of Putin, and people who voted for him were fools or worse. On and on it went, without a scrap of evidence, or doubt. Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler and all the lapdogs of the MSM said it was so, and therefore it was true.

But it wasn’t true, any of it. It was a pack of lies, made up in a hurry after Trump won, to cover for the real crimes committed by various members of the Obama administration, both before and after the election.

For those who haven’t been paying attention or, even worse, paying attention to CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and so on, this is what really happened: Federal agencies spied on the rival campaign and illegally leaked information — much of it false — about the spying. They abused their authority to undermine Trump, even to attempt a soft coup and remove him from office. And they did so with the co-operation of the MSM, which is just as corrupt as the Obama administration. That is to say, thoroughly corrupt.

But James Comey, corrupt and disgraced former head of Obama’s FBI, corrected the record. It wasn’t really “spying,” it was “court-approved surveillance.” As if there was a difference. And he failed to mention that the “evidence” used to get court approval was unverified hearsay paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign, or that Bruce Ohr of the Justice Department had warned them in the beginning that there was “no there there.”

That this happened is not in doubt. They were so certain that Clinton would win and that they would be rewarded, not punished for their behavior, that they didn’t bother covering their tracks. Just the emails between lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page (there were tens of thousands of them — when did they find time to fight real crime or carry on their affair?) are enough to see clearly what they were up to.

This is without a doubt the biggest political scandal in our nation’s history, committed by the most corrupt administration ever. Not only did they use the powers of government in an attempt to harm their political opponent, they used them to wrongfully clear their own candidate of the many crimes she committed with her illegal e-mail server. And basically the same team did both dirty deeds. Strzok, Page, McCabe, Comey, Ohr, Priestap, a few dozen others, we’ve heard the names. If we’ve been paying attention.

Mueller Time is over. It’s time to pay the Barr tab. How will it end? It will end with us knowing whether we have one set of rules for everyone, or a separate set of rules for the powerful and politically connected, and a more stringent set for us commoners. If the former, lots of Obama administration officials will see prison time. If the latter, I’m afraid there is no hope for the country as founded.


Pelham, N.C.

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