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Crumpler for court clerk

To the editor:

I have heard it said that local elections affect our lives much more than national ones. I am not sure if that is completely true, but I know that I live and work in Danville, and the local elections do directly impact me and my family. I am writing to encourage Danvillians to vote for Charles Crumpler for Clerk of Court on Nov. 5, because he is an excellent candidate and clerk of court is an important position in the lives of Danvillians.

Through schools and scouts, I have known of him and his family for some years; he is an excellent candidate for clerk of court because of his integrity, experience, and his responsiveness to needed change.

» Integrity: He is a committed family man and community servant. He has been involved in activities with both of his sons, is the assistant scout leader for his son’s Boy Scout troop (Mount Vernon UMC Troop 300), is a leader in his church’s youth program (Sacred Heart Catholic Church) and serves on multiple leadership committees at his church and in the community (Rotary, Knights of Columbus, President of the Board of Directors for House of Hope, Retreat Leader for Regional Youth Retreat, board member for Habitat for Humanity). All of these are volunteer positions that require time, commitment, and provide no monetary remuneration. In his family, volunteer, and professional life, he has been a man who is entrusted with our most valuable assets: our children, our churches and our community resources. He is recognized as a man of integrity in all these volunteer positions.

» Experience: He has more than 25 years of experience with the public safety and the court system, along with the functions of the clerk of court. He has years of leadership and managerial experience in the correctional system. He has worked successfully with people of all races, faiths, socio-economic and educational backgrounds. He has proven that he can build positive relationships across traditional boundaries and sees all as unique human beings. He has a wealth of work and relational experience that will be such an asset to Danvillians in the clerk of court office.

» Responsiveness to needed change: In his years of service in the correctional system, he has experienced both successful and unsuccessful change. In the face of changes, he has adapted to, modified and successfully implemented ideological and technological change. He is ready and willing to listen to the people of Danville and bring the clerk of court’s office into the 21st century when it serves the people. He has enough life experience not to rush into change for change’s sake, though. When it better serves Danville, he is experienced and ready to preserve valuable time-tested systems.

The Clerk of Court office and election should be important to citizens of Danville. The clerk’s office handles our most valuable records, jury pools, court documents, gun licensing, sportsman licensing and more. What is more important to a person than marriage records, court records and justice? I hope that all the people of Danville (even those who hate politics, like I do!) will see the ways that the clerk of court office touches our lives and will get out and vote Nov. 5. And when you vote, I cannot suggest a better candidate than Charles Crumpler.



Goard for commissioner

To the editor:

Robin Coles Goard has been employed in Pittsylvania County’s office of the Commissioner of the Revenue for 34 years; in that position, she has served as the chief deputy commissioner during the past four years.

As one who has worked in the field of federal and state law enforcement as it relates to tax administration for more than 50 years, I can easily make the case for the need of our residentsto elect Goard as the county’s new commissioner of the revenue.

She is extremely well acquainted with, and knowledgeable in, the Virginia Tax Code and all statutes governing the assessment of taxes set forth by that code and adopted by the Board of Supervisors. On many occasions involving the interpretation of the statutes being considered, she has been able to draw upon her past experience and considerable knowledge to ensure the correct handling of those tax issues.

She will tell you she is not a politician; however, you don’t need to talk with her for too many minutes to appreciate her knowledge, thoughtfulness and courtesy.

I can tell you that she is among the best tax administration officials I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with. We would be hard pressed to find that special someone who has both the track record of experience and the instant respect of her fellow county employees as does Robin Goard.

Join me in voting for her Nov. 5.



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