A smart way to address gun violence

To the editor:

After watching most of the Democratic debates, it is painfully obvious that they either know nothing about guns or are planning on playing politics with the issue of mass shootings again.

There are two components of this problem, social and material. The social component is the most complicated and has been with us the longest. Ever since Grog the cave man came out of his cave and clubbed Bertha over the head, there have been these nut jobs. What would make any one think that this bunch of egocentric aragonite and petty politicians can do anything to change that?

Red flag laws, background checks and licensing are all knee-jerk reactions that do not work. They are opposed by the NRA because they fear they will only lead to gun confiscation. And gun confiscation will never work. There are way too many gun owners who will resist such a foolish act. The right to keep and bear arms is part of our American heritage and a right.

That doesn’t mean do nothing, but don’t expect results either.

The material component of this problem is obviously the guns. Guns that can fire rapidly, frequently for prolonged amounts of time. Guns designed to kill people on the battle field.

The problem guns can be easily described as being semi- or fully automatic long guns or pistols greater than .22 caliber. Let’s call them modern assault guns for simplicity.

It seems to me that, most of these atrocities are committed by nut jobs who have recently bought their modern assault guns. That also means that the overwhelming majority of these guns are in the hands of law-abiding citizens, whose rights should not be infringed upon.

A ban on the importation and sale of new model assault guns would shut down the supply of these weapons being used to commit these atrocities and not affect law-abiding citizens or their rights.

There are only four reasons to own a gun and none of them require a modern assault gun. How many shots do you need to gun down a deer? (I only need or want one.) Do you really want to spray hot lead around while defending your home? (Again, I’ll only need one shot, but I would rather not.) A revolver will do the job for self-defense, and any gun is enough to resist the tyranny of government. Do you really want to fight a armed rebellion against the government?

A ban on newly made modern assault guns and any parts used to modify them and a voluntary sell back program would reduce the problem greatly. Something similar has already worked in Australia.



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