Electoral College protects our republic

To the editor:

I am writing concerning a national push to eliminate the Electoral College and put into effect electing a president by popular vote. This is being done by individuals and groups trying to make an end-run around our Constitution.

They use socialist “code words” to aid their cause, as they always do, to help their agenda such as fair, equal and justice when in truth they plan exactly the opposite. This is for the benefit of those who are uneducated by our education system of today.

Our founders were brilliant men who put the Electoral College into effect and in the Constitution to protect and give an equal voice to the small states. Without it the large states (California, New York, Florida, Massachusetts) would rule the country; majority rule. mob rule; a democracy. We do not have a democracy, we have a republic.

These groups and individuals are now wining and dining our representatives to join their compact of states, which now only consists of blue states.

We must voice our adamant opposition to this unconstitutional push by those who would end our republic and our freedoms.

Call your representatives and tell them we will not yield to those who are working to end and undermine our constitution.

Stand up and speak up for what God has given us. We are dangerously close to losing it.



A great letter carrier

To the editor:

This letter is to say a public thank you to my letter carrier, Marshall Silver, who has the Clement Avenue route. The other, he rang my doorbell, just to see if I was OK. No mail to deliver to me, just looking out for me. That is really special at this point in my life. He also checks on my friend Rachel at the other end of the street.

God bless you, Marshall.



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