No grounds to impeach Trump

To the editor:

In regards to the Mueller report;

Part one, collusion with the Russians: Special Counsel Robert Mueller said, I paraphrase here, “There was no evidence of collusion or conspiracy by Donald Trump or his organization with the Russians.”

The Russians did attempt to interfere with the election and Trump knew and welcomed it. But just what could he do about it? President Obama also knew about it and allowed it to happen. And just what could he do about it? Nothing really. The Russians are not our friends. Their intent was to sow discourse.

According to our government, there is no evidence that the Russians had any affect on the election results.

Mueller did not exonerate the president, saying he was less than truthful in his answers to written questions. I have no trouble believing this. But at the same time, Mueller declined to answer many questions about the investigation and gave contradictory answers and only expanded on answers that cast a bad light on the president. His testimony was clearly biased against the president.

In the American legal system, you are either not guilty or guilty, and by saying he could not exonerate the president, he only muddied the waters and demonstrated his bias.

If there was no collusion or conspiracy, there was nothing to cover up. Mueller continued to investigate with heavy-handed tactics and convinced the president that there was a vendetta against him. What would you do if you were in President Trump’s position?

In part two, obstruction of justice: It is clear that the president felt he was a victim of a Democratic vendetta, out to get him. And there is considerable evidence that he is correct.

It is also clear that the president intended to interfere with Mueller’s investigation but, and this is important, according to Mueller, there was no action taken to interfere with his investigation in any way.

When Mueller was asked could he indict the president after leaving office he said yes. But that does not mean there are any grounds to indict him, only that it was possible. Anything is possible.

You may want to do something but until you actually take action, you cannot be found guilty. So, if there is no actual crime, there are no grounds for impeachment. The president is not above the law, but what ever happened to justice for all?



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