Is business relocation a possibility?

To the editor:

The latest rounds of flooding in Danville and South Boston leave me wondering. Over time could the affected businesses move to different locations? Maybe with local, state and federal help. There seems to be plenty of grant money floating around, so why not channel some of it to move businesses out of these flood-prone areas.

It would help them and, at the same time, probably be a huge benefit to the environment which suffers when river water comes in contact with the various chemicals that are carried downstream during the flooding.

This probably would have to be done over a long period of time with the goal to eventually have most of these flood-prone areas returned to a natural state in which flooding would not have the dramatic impact that it does now. Just wondering.



Better detour signage needed

To the editor:

First, I would like to congratulate the city of Danville for its efforts to control the flood waters of the creek beside Audubon Drive.

The city needs to do something about a better detour route around the flood zone on River Street. Tippett’s Crossing is not and never has been a suitable or safe detour route. Goodyear Boulevard would be a much better route with some improvements. The road could be raised, with a large pipe underneath at the low area near Danville Tree Service property.

There also should be a flashing sign located on U.S. 58 east of the Danville Expressway notifying motorists of the road closure ahead, allowing for north and south detour options. Waiting to notify motorists of the road closure until just a few hundred yards before is not only unsafe but ridiculous.



Respect Mother Nature

To the editor:

In the advent of the days of pouring rain, I am taken back in time to Oct. 11, 2018, when our city was flooded from Hurricane Michael.

I was stranded in my vehicle, up to my chin in nasty water, for over an hour until rescuers could extract me safely. To this day I am thankful for their assistance.

But I feel sure I suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). If a scene is shown on television of someone under water, I have to turn. And these past few days, with all of this rain, I have stayed in, my heart in my throat and butterflies in my stomach.

Flooding waters must be respected. Not necessarily feared like I do, but absolutely respected. Everyone, please be careful as you go about your daily routine. Watch for low-lying areas. Don’t take any undue chances.



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