Salvation, pipelines and coal ash

To the editor:

I want to respond to several letters to the editor and articles of late. Every person has his own thoughts and beliefs as to how he’ll be saved. Depends on what he’s heard family and preachers tell him since birth. My point of view is found in Romans 9:10-18, 11:6 and 2nd Timothy 1:9-10. Seems there’s not much a person can do to save himself!

All I’ve read and heard for two years is the Mountain Valley Pipeline is going to destroy the Earth. There are already thousands of miles of pipelines crisscrossing this country. It’s the most economical way of transporting natural gas, propane and crude oil products as well as the safest.

I never hear anyone protesting the power line right-of-ways to this degree. The “enviromentalists” find every excuse, reasonable or not, to stop construction. They have fits because of runoff or whatever. The pipeline could have been done by now and grass growing on right-of-ways and deer eating the grass. What endangered species are dying? How is putting a pipe under a river damaging the water? The judges that allow such trivial suits to be in court should be removed!

Oh, yes — the coal ash spill of several years ago. I may have missed it, but I have yet to read where it has been proven any wildlife, fish, fowl or vegetation has been damaged or killed.

The cities of Danville and Eden in North Carolina are using this spill to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from Duke Power. The coal ash has been removed from the Dan River as much as possible, and I doubt any tax money paid for it’s removal. So, someone tell us, how building a park has anything to do with the spill? Nothing but extortion; but that’s what governments do. Even to individuals. Wake up, people!



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