Stanley correct about a casino

To the editor:

Thank you, Sen. Bill Stanley! No to a casino. Every word that you spoke, what I read that was printed in the Register & Bee, was 100 percent correct (“Stanley argues against casino,” April 9).

There are too many other things that need to be taken care of first, problems such as gangs, shootings, drugs, murders and bringing stability in our schools.

Then find out why so many businesses and retailers are leaving Danville.

Then, you can think about a casino.



Democrats should apologize

To the editor:

You just can’t help but love Democrats. I don’t know if they are purposely funny or if it just comes naturally to them.

The April 14 letter to the editor, “Writer: I miss the days of civil discourse,” but the letter was filled with nothing but hate and invective toward President Trump and his supporters. The writer wants a president who “only talked about his policies,” but the writer did not mention a single policy with which he disagreed. The writer said the president should not make “stupid juvenile remarks” after the writer said phrases like “integrity goes out the door,” “hateful base” and “con man screwing contractors.” Democrats should be comedy writers.

The writer also says the president shouldn’t “tell lies.” For over two years, the Democrats have declared President Trump is a Russian agent or that he colluded with Russia to win the election. Then, oops, the investigation said that was not true. Our own Sen. Mark Warner, on March 3, said there was ample evidence of collusion. My questions to Warner would be this: Senator, were you misquoted? Or did you forget to show your “evidence” to the investigators? Or were you lying to the voters of Virginia?

If you want a civil discourse, start by calling Sen. Warner and asking him to call a news conference where he can explain to the voters of Virginia either his lying or his incompetence. We will be glad to be civil as soon as the Democrats apologize for two years of lies.



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