Writer: Media keeps up its spin

To the editor:

They’re at it again. Democrats and the mainstream media (excuse the redundancy) lied to us for over two years about the mythical Russian collusion. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knew from the beginning that it was a farce, but they persisted. Did they apologize for the lies when the Mueller Report was finally finished? No, didn’t even stop to catch their breath before diving into the next lie.

We have to give them credit for staying together with their tales. If I heard the phrase “manufactured crisis” in relation to the southern border once last week, I heard it a hundred times. Every major TV network and three-quarters of the Democratic Congress critters were all reading from the same script. I suspect that in this case, just like the Russian collusion hoax, most of them know that they’re lying, but they just can’t help themselves. Donald Trump has driven them completely out of their minds. They can’t all be stupid enough to believe we don’t have a problem down south. Well, maybe Maxine Waters and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a few others, but most of them know they’re lying.

The folks who work on the border strongly disagree with the “manufactured crisis” lie. They apprehended over 100,000 people at the border last month, about 3,300 a day, some days over 4,000. That doesn’t include the unknown number who managed to sneak in while avoiding detection. Fox News, the only major network to get the Russian collusion story right, has sent several newsmen and women to the border to talk with the agents, sometimes to ride along with them. Long story short — it’s a mess. It is one hell of a mess.

It’s a crying shame that a country as powerful as the U.S.A. can’t control who comes into the country. It’s not that we want to keep foreigners out, it’s just that we know that not all foreigners would be a benefit, and we’d kinda like to know that before we ask them in.

Our elite leaders are to blame for this mess. We have insane laws which encourage those from other countries to sneak in, or to make false asylum claims. Our Congress critters could change those laws overnight if they wanted to, but the Democrats want unskilled, illiterate folks who will be dependent on government and ensure permanent Democratic rule until the crack of doom, and the Republicans are in the pocket of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with its desire for cheap labor. Very few of them give a tinker’s damn about what the taxpayers want.

And why should they? Their kids don’t attend schools that are burdened with the task of educating those who don’t speak the language. They don’t have to wait in crowded emergency rooms while illegals get free care. They mostly live in gated communities or behind their own personal walls. Walls are fine for them, but not for us. They’re so much more important than we deplorables, you know.

So Rachel Maddow and the others will smother us with false information for a while. Why do they do it? Good ratings, that’s why. Unfortunately, there are enough people silly enough to believe their nonsense and keep tuning in. It does not bode well for the country.


Pelham, N.C.

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