Save America; vote GOP on Nov. 5

To the editor:

I think it is a very disturbing time in our nation. The liberal Democratic mob has started an aggressive move to impeach our great president, Donald Trump.

I compare their move to be like a hungry pit bull dogs after a piece of steak. They have a lot of gall to say that President Trump is a disgrace to the office of president. They need to point their fingers backward to themselves and clean up their own backyard.

These liberal, hypercritical Democrats haven’t done a darn thing for which they were elected. I call them “Do-Nothing Deadbeats,” but they are surely using a lot of energy scheming for ways and means to impeach Trump that are based on hate and incorrect information. Instead of racism, you find a man who has lifted all races in the U.S. with jobs, reducing regulations to promote business and lowering taxes. He has protected this nation by renegotiating former President Barack Obama’s bad trade deals and strives to protect our borders for legal citizens. The fake news outlets and Hollywood stars need to stop repeating the Democratic puppet script and back up their claims instead of vague generalities about the president and the issues.

I urge anyone who wants our country to survive as the United States of America to vote Republican. Vote for Bill Stanley for Virginia Senate, and Danny Marshall for the House of Delegates. They are men of integrity and they labor diligently to serve our state.

The Bible teaches us how to live this life, and turning enemies to friends by the redeeming love of Jesus Christ. We could do that. Wouldn’t it be great to bring peace to our land by looking to God and working for the good of America and the world?



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