Democrats good for business? Ha!

To the editor:

Roy Ford, in his Sept. 29 letter to the editor “Democrats Are Great for Business,” wrote of the “prosperity” in areas controlled by Democrats. I guess he was referring to “prosperity” like that of Danville, Martinsville, Petersburg, Washington,D.C., Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and San Francisco, all glittering jewels of poverty, crime and mismanagement and all controlled longer than most folks can remember by, you guessed it, Democrats!

Any of those Red-Blue political maps of the United States show that Democrats tend to congregate in and around major cities, college towns, military installations and seats of government. All “prosper” thanks to redistribution of wealth. It is not unusual to find that the majority of the richest 10 jurisdictions in the country are in Northern Virginia or southern Maryland, with Loudoun County in Virginia coming in often at number one. Why? Because there is a seat of government just up the road from there that spends trillions of dollars a year, much of it borrowed ($22 trillion to be exact)!

This begs the question, “Is prosperity gained through government largesse really prosperity?” Most, if not all of the cities mentioned above were at one time very prosperous, at least until Democrats took control with their mediocrity-for-all policies otherwise known as socialism.

Some would argue “Oh, but the Dan River Region lost the furniture and textile industries and Detroit lost the automobile industry” (as examples), but the bigger issue is “Why?” The answer is Democratic policy at all levels tricking the citizenry into trading the opportunity of liberty for a guarantee of mediocrity. No thanks!


Sandy Level

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