The life-affirming joys of baseball

To the editor:

The Major League Baseball World Series of 2019 has become a great example of positive participation among men. This fall, we have two groups of men, playing with passion, fun, excitement, humor and determination just like dynamic respectful 12-year-olds. They enjoy the battle; they enjoy the day; they enjoy the process. No outside agendas or quest for money, fame and power. Just get out and play to win the day.

They are European in their camaraderie; they bring intellectual enlightenment to those who tarry to watch; and they include their entire family in their workspace before, during and after the battles of ball. They have created a new definition for the term “uplifting community”!

This sport of baseball is a game, it is entertainment, it is life and it makes me proud today to be a guy who knows how share these diamond days with other. It makes me proud to be a competitive passionate good sportsman via the game. It also makes me proud to share the life traits of a game that teaches those who engage how to adapt, improvise and overcome.

We are a great nation and a great brother to many countries around the world.

This year in 2019 via our “12-year-old” men of good citizenship, we are a beacon of what is good about being human. The Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals have shown the world how to play together on the big playground of our global green-blue marble.

It is good to smile again!



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