Police wrong to issue apology

To the editor:

You know, I’m amazed at the efforts of some people to try to suck up to others. The proper word is sycophant.

However, there is nothing proper about the “apology” that the present Danville police chief made as was reported in the Register & Bee on June 12, and on the front page even! How can anyone apologize for a time or event that they had no part in?

If the speed limit on a certain road is 50 mph in 1963 and I get a ticket for driving 70 mph, does that mean that now that speed limit is 70 mph on that same road that I did not break the law in 1963 after all? Of course not! You don’t need a PhD., a law degree or a certain political leaning to figure that out.

Before we were sent to Vietnam as infantrymen, we had to stay ready to move out at once to help with race riots, not in Florida, Alabama or South Carolina, but in the Northern cities like Philadelphia and Detroit. Why not apologize for that? He was still eating roaches off the floor.

Look at the crime rate now as compared to the 1960s. At that time, blacks and whites walked through all the neighborhoods with no problems. I carried newspapers through areas on foot that I would not drive through now.

Instead of him and others in the upper ranks of law enforcement looking to make appearances and have pictures taken, maybe they should address crime the way it was meant to be. His job is not to be a celebrity or an apologist.

I take responsibility for any and all my remarks.

He should feel free to sue me or arrest me.


Pelham, N.C.

Great care at Sovah Danville

To the editor:

I would like to commend the staff at Sovah Danville.

I was having stroke-like symptoms, and a friend rushed me to the ER. Everyone from the security guard who helped me get inside to the nurse who met me at the registration desk and expedited me to the trauma team to the CCU nurses, residents, doctors and the robotic doctor from Duke. It was the first time I had encountered a robot, and I was very impressed that a doctor from Duke was caring for me as well as the ones in house.

I am also thankful for my friend Stephanie Reed knowing that my symptoms needed immediate help and for getting me to Sovah and for the top-notch care that I received while there. I am happy to report that I am fully recovered.



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