Vanderbilt and Dan River's denim

To the editor:

The recent death of Gloria Vanderbilt causes me to recall her involvement with Dan River Inc. during the 1980’s when black jeans carrying her designer label were in high demand. The black denim in those garments was an intense, brilliant black color, and Vanderbilt knew exactly the fabric appearance that she was looking for to make her jeans stand out from other products that were being offered at the same time by traditional jeans manufacturers.

Dan River Inc. at that time was a major supplier of traditional blue denim to the largest jeans manufacturers, and it also made specialty denim fabrics for the designer labels. To achieve the intense black that Vanderbilt was searching for was a challenge. We finally determined that we could satisfy her demand for black denim by washing the fabric. This discovery not only enabled Dan River to produce the appearance Vanderbilt was seeking, it allowed the customer to buy pre-washed jeans which were softer and “broken in” from the retailers worldwide who offered this product.

Gloria Vanderbilt black jeans became a tremendous fashion success. Dan River Inc. in Danville was a partner in that success.



Editor’s note: The writer was formerly vice president of research and product development at Dan River Inc.

Thumbs up to Danville Utilities

To the editor:

Thanks to Danville Utilities for going the extra mile in having the power line right of ways cleaned this summer.

I live in a small community near Tunstall High School. A lot of the time, it’s an area that is usually near the bottom on the list to get power restored, but this should take care of the normal outages.


Dry Fork

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