Writer: Criticism of hospital unwarranted

Writer: Criticism of hospital unwarranted

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the June 2 article in the Register & Bee, “Diagnosis incomplete on treatment for hospitals.”

Jack Sherlock, who is a retired Navy captain from Virginia Beach, has conducted studies on our local hospitals, Sovah Danville and Sovah Martinsville and also the hospitals in Portsmouth and Petersburg, looking for “decades of state misfeasance,” “bad hospital management and other factors” and “long standing unchecked predatory behavior by some of the nonprofit health-care corporations awarded regional dominance by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) in its administration of the Certificate of Public Need law.”

He stated he spent thousands of hours and dollars compiling this information, only to be able to find it on the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) website.

I fail to understand the “Why?” in all of Sherlock’s reports. Why spend so much time and effort in compiling this unwanted and, yes, unneeded information, when it’s readily available on the government websites?

Had Sherlock ever ever been a patient in any of these hospitals he has been investigating? Since he is retired from the Navy, I cannot help but feel he receives all of your medical care from a VA physician and hospital, if needed. Did he investigate the VA system? No, I’m sure not.

With all due respect, I can certainly speak for Sovah Danville and vouch for its excellent care. I was a patient there from Dec. 27 to Jan. 9. There is no place any where that could have provided me with the excellent care I received by both the hospitalists and the nursing staff. I was critically ill and thanks to their care am here to write this letter today.

Why not focus your time, energy and resources on problems of today, sir? Crime in our cities. The indiscriminate use of firearms resulting in the loss of life. Just open the newspaper and pick something you can investigate, sir.

No, I fear you’ve wasted your time and your resources. and I’m sure you’ve wasted my time as well as the other readers of our paper. You, sir, are a provocateur, as I stated earlier. You enjoy causing trouble and dissent. You want those who read your “conclusions” of your investigations to question the hospital in their community. It will not work, sir, not in my case, and I pray not in the case of others in Danville who read this.



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