Today, the GOP is the Trump Party

To the editor:

As a teenager, I heard a service station attendant greet my father “hello Hoover,” when he bought gas at the local Cities Service facility in Westfield, N.J. Years later I learned that this guy was teasing my dad for voting for Herbert Hoover in 1928. Most blacks who voted prior to World War II were following the advice of Frederick Douglass who said, “The Republican Party is the ship; all else is the sea.” My father, and millions of workers, rejected this axiom and became members of the FDR Democratic Party in the 1930s.

Today, the Republican Party has clearly become the party of Trump and abandoned many of its traditional values that middle class workers, home owners, women and minorities could be comfortable supporting. Trumps Republican Party has followed the advice of Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, attacking our traditional federal bureaucracy, weakening NATO and rejecting our trade agreements that have kept our economy strong and on track.

But more serious is the Trump Party’s openly racist position on immigration, crime control and voter repression, and women’s rights. What appears to be the cement that holds together his base of support is the fear of the growing political power of minorities and women. Trump uses his regular rallies to stoke this fear which further divides our society. In every way President Obama worked to unite our people, Trump deliberately reverses these policies with the help of Mitch McConnell in the Senate, Mark Meadows in the House Freedom Caucus and evangelicals led by Jerry Falwell Jr.

Just as the post-Civil War Democrats in the South used fear of the black freed people to divide the working class, Trump is doing the same thing today. Martin Luther King Jr. said that poor whites in the South who complained about their plight were fed Jim Crow. Today, the Trump’s Party punishes the immigrants on our southern border, to appease his predominantly white base. This is racism pure and simple. We must reject this Trumpism if our democracy is to survive.



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