Drivers should obey the law, period

To the editor:

Hanging a handicap placard or any other object from rearview mirror while vehicle is in motion is illegal.

As a resident of Danville for many years, I’ve noticed many people driving with handicap placards as well as objects hanging from their rearview mirrors and wondered why they haven’t been ticketed.

Virginia Code 46.2-1054 clearly states that there are to be no objects hanging from a rear view mirror while a vehicle is in motion. So my question is why is this law so lenient in Danville and Pittsylvania County? In Halifax County and other counties, you will be stopped and ticketed. Are we above the law or is this moving violation so insignificant it’s not worth stopping individuals and ticketing them or giving them a warning?



What makes a teacher chuckle

To the editor:

New Year’s traditions include black-eyed peas. I’m a retired teacher, all years served in Danville Virginia Public Schools.

Teachers have so many funny, expansive experiences with their students over the years of classroom living. Here’s one of mine.

The theme of my lesson was dealing successfully with fear. Each student was allowed, if she/he wanted to share a fear. One rule: No laughing or judgment from the listeners. The first volunteer was a smart “tough guy” who never shared emotions. He said, “I can’t eat black-eyed peas because they’re looking at me.”

The first day of school I always taught my students how to repress vocal laughter by immediately placing their open palm over their mouth.

That New Year, I had my palm over my mouth. No dignity suffered.



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