Writer: Senate must convict Trump

To the editor:

Recently, I was talking to my son, and he was telling me how his federal taxes will cost him more again this year. I mentioned the big tax cut that this administration gave everyone. He stated, “Yes, President Trump put approximately 40 dollars more in my check each week, but come April, tax time, it all went back and ended up costing more than what I was paying before he gave us the tax cut.”

Well, I understand that this administration has dropped the corporate taxes from 39.5 percent to 21 percent, and our deficit now is in the trillions. Of course, all of the cuts for the super rich helped move the deficit up, but you know I also watched as the previous hands were tied, and they could not use any money to help create jobs because it would raise our deficit. Look what we are leaving our grandkids in the future. Did the bill they just passed say $1.2 trillion?

Now let’s talk about the dirty word: impeachment. Now if I remember correctly, there were 69 grand jury indictments during the Nixon impeachment which resulted in 48 convictions. I’ve watched while Donald Trump has cried witch hunt, said that he had no chance to represent or defend himself and that it was done behind closed doors.

I have heard on TV each chairman over the different committee investigations invite the president or his attorneys to appear. This included the speaker of the House. They stated they would love for him to appear. Instead, he has ordered his staff not to appear and will not provide even one copy of reports that they have asked for.

The investigators have emails and more to back up their case. The four people that he that Trump has ordered not to appear are the people who would have written evidence to help prove his case. Could it be that if they appear and lie, they are under oath and could be charged for lying? Now I’ve also heard the Republican leader of the Senate state that he will not be impeached. They will have backed everything that this administration has done or said.

It will be interesting to see how the next elections go. The younger generation may surprise some folks. They see what’s being left for them for the rest of their lives. They see what a mess we’ve made. I think they are going to want some changes, and they are ready to start these changes.

One last question: If the courts had charges against you that were wrong and you could appear in court and prove you were not guilty, what would you do? Let them convict you?

The House of Representatives has investigated and indicted, but it’s now up to the Senate to convict.


Providence, N.C.

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