The Democrats' nefarious plan

To the editor:

I’m old enough to remember when the Democrats were the party of the working man (and woman). But Donald Trump seems to be the choice of the majority of the working class now.

Not to fear. The Democrats have a multi-part plan to get those votes back.

Step 1 is to repeal the tax cut they just got. That will cut down on arguments about how to spend the extra money, and all good Democrats know that the government spends your money more wisely than you.

Step 2 is to open the borders to anyone who wants to come in, regardless of their past history, education or country of origin. Sure, they’ll drive wages down, but that’s a small detail.

Step 3 is to give all the new arrivals free health care, allowing the working men and women who will be asked to pay for it to feel good about themselves.

But wait — as they say on late night commercials — there’s more! Free college for everyone, making sure that all 347 genders can use any bathroom they wish, men can call themselves women and compete in women’s sports, doing away with fossil fuels, Medicare for all, abortion until the child is old enough to drive and a chicken in every pot. And if that’s not enough they and their allies in the media are doing their best to talk us into a recession.

I don’t see how they can lose.


Pelham, N.C.

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