Just embrace all of God's children

To the editor:

To the editors and “Simple Christian” Glenn C. Allen: After reading Allen’s March 27 letter to the editor, “Just who was Jesus of Nazareth?”, I was puzzled for a couple of reasons.

At the top of my list was a question I wish I thought you could answer. It’s just this: Why was your letter so un-Christian, so un-loving, and so mean-spirited that I felt threatened by your remarks?

Is that what a “simple Christian” does?

I don’t think so.

In fact, I know that’s not the case. Although I am Jewish, the mother of my children is Christian. Although I am Jewish, I have always loved and respected and helped my Christian friends. And they have helped me.

I must tell you that one of them saved my life.

All of that makes me wonder why they are not filled with the same hate and animus toward me and my religion as you.

I think I know the answer.

It’s just this, sir: Most of us have learned that, above all else in our diverse world, we must live by the biblical command to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

That means we don’t slander others with false and reprehensible accusations. We don’t look for reasons to harm or to hate others or to distort truth to promote dislike.

We look for brotherhood.

Knowing that all of my non-Jewish friends and I see this world that way, I must also ask what is your purpose? Do you mean to cause harm to me, my children and my grandchildren?

Or do you have it in your heart to embrace all of us being God’s children?

It seems that a “simple Christian” would think it a sin not to.

Just a simple Jewish son, father and grandfather, along with dozens of Christians and Jews who were more than willing to sign this with me.



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