Writer: Democrats are great for business

To the editor:

In 2019, Virginia was named the number one state in the nation to do business in with a Democrat as governor, while it had lost that status when a Republican was governor. Danville and Pittsylvania County have been electing Republicans to statewide offices while the more vibrant economic areas of Virginia have elected Democrats.

These Republicans are and have been consistent in their unwillingness to aid many of the people in the district. Most of them opposed Medicaid expansion, and they have offered no solutions to the growing number of mass shootings happening within the state and nation. They seem to be content with limiting action to having kindergarten students participate in mass shooting drills at school.

Republicans have boasted about their efforts not to raise taxes, but they have failed to note how their efforts may have played a significant role in the tax and fee increases in Pittsylvania County and perhaps Danville. The General Assembly controlled by Republicans has pushed a greater share of the burden for public education, universities, transportation and other vital services on local governments and citizens. Richmond’s act may explain why Republicans on the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors including a tea party member voted to increase taxes and the garbage fees in the county.

While people may like the current tax rebate, it is a onetime only rebate while the garbage fee will be there year after year. The county has proven that electing Republicans has not ensured lower taxes or other fees and has not provided a vibrant local economy.

State Sen. Frank Ruff, in a recent column, wrote disparagingly about New York, Connecticut and California highlighting them as places not to be like. He used as evidence their loss of population, but he failed to explain why his senatorial district of Virginia is losing population to the areas of Virginia that elect Democrats.

Virginia’s recent history contradicts the narrative that Republicans are good for business when Virginia’s recent designation and the success of the regions electing Democrats makes one wonder if things would be different if Danville and Pittsylvania County was more willing to vote for the party that will act in ways that help real people and are good for business.



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