Compromise on our rights? Never!

To the editor:

This is in reference to the letter that appeared in the Sept. 11 issue of the Register & Bee regarding gun laws. In this letter, the writer states we,” hunters and gun owners” need to compromise, when it comes to our Second Amendment rights. The writer further states that the NRA is “just plain wrong not to concede.”

When it comes to compromising and conceding, I wonder if the writer feels the same way about the First Amendment? Should we comproimise on freedom of religion? Maybe freedom of the press, freedom of speech or other freedoms granted in our constitution? Are we just plain wrong?

Abe Lincoln didn’t think so after the first battle of Bull Run, FDR didn’t think so after Pearl Harbor, and Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t think so after being repeatedly jailed.

We already have sufficient gun laws on the books. Our problem is they are not being enforced because of lack of support. But then again, who wants to support law enforcement, when it’s much easier to concede.



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