Something must be done about gun violence

To the editor:

I support the Second Amendment right to keep firearms. I own two guns for protection that have never been fired. Both are pistols. Neither are the kind that uses a clip.

I also realize that our population includes many people who should not possess a weapon of any kind for various reasons. So I am saying now that we must make some changes and to hell with the NRA.

If I hunt with a shotgun that can hold five shells, I have to plug it in Virginia to where it will only hold three. Some states, I believe, allow five shells, but we don’t. So we have a limit and cannot saw the barrel off to make it very dangerous close in.

OK. Why do we need a rifle to hunt with that may shoot 25 rounds if what I was told is correct? Is that the law. Can one hunt certain game with a clip like that? I’m asking. Why not make it illegal to manufacture and sell to the public clips like this. OK for police and military but not for the public. Hunters can still hunt. People can still have a gun for protection. It’s called a compromise. Responsible gun owners still get the protection and rights of the Second Amendment, but this terrible fire power is limited.

Also with better background checks and cross-referencing with mental health and police officials, maybe we can keep more of these weapons out of irresponsible hands. To possess an assault-type weapon that only can shoot three to five times is better than one with a high-capacity clip.

Maybe this is a start. We have to do something because this cycle of violence is way beyond anything I remember seeing in my 65 years on this Earth.



Sovah-Danville’s great

To the editor:

Sovah Hospital is the best.

Over the labor day weekend my blood pressure dropped to 63/43, which is near stroke or heart attack. Everyone I knew said go to Gretna to be checked. It is 31 miles from my home. My wife had low blood pressure last year, and she went to Sovah-Danville, and they were the best.

I waited until I could call my primary doctor. I called Tuesday and learned he was gone until the end of September. I was advised to go to emergency room. I did so on Tuesday and went to Sovah at 9:10 a.m. and was in room at 9:12 a.m. Nurse Matthew came in and after that many tests were made. I was there for 1 hour and 30 minutes. They did the most tests I have ever seen. It all was good.

These were the most professional people I have ever seen, and they were so nice. I called my brother who said he had to go to the emergency room at Sovah the next day, and he was so pleased.

I know lot of people put Sovah down. I give them an A+. All I can say, people, don’t believe all the anti-Sovah folks.



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