Writer: What happened to integrity?

To the editor:

Politics is a dirty business, which it shouldn’t be, but lately, it’s gotten out of hand.

Hillary Clinton used a former British spy Christopher Steele to find dirt on Donald Trump in the 2016 election, and Trump used a Russian lawyer to do the same thing in Trump Tower. Also, don’t forget Richard Nixon’s break-in at the Watergate complex to find dirt on George McGovern.

What happened to integrity and just telling people the truth? How you can make their lives better that is if Congress actually does their job. Which most likely will never happen.

You be the judge now on what is going on in Washington. The whistleblower described the call between Trump and President Volodomry Zelensky of Ukraine with high degree of accuracy, according to what is known from the White House-released transcripts of the call. Especially when Trump said “Do me a favor” and held money back that Congress had appropriated for missle defense until any dirt was found on the Bidens. That sounds like extortion to me.

Trump’s officials in the White House then attempted to lock down records of these calls, which they knew were very damaging. Trump used his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, as an envoy instead of U.S. diplomats who Trump thinks are untrustworthy and part of the deep state against him.

Whistleblowers are an important part of our government to keep government officials in line. Trump threatened this one the other day, calling this person a spy and guilty of treason, and said if he is impeached civil war could happen. Trump claims he was working with Zelensky to root out corruption in his country before he got his money. Trump could care less about corruption in this country. Even though nothing has been found out bad abut the Bidens, Trump still talks about the “corrupt Bidens” which is a pure lie. Of course, his base believes this, Trump wouldn’t even have made this call if Biden wasn’t running.

Regardless of whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, being an American comes first. We expect better from our presidents. Calling members of Congress savages and telling lies is not what Americans expect and want.

The truth needs to come out if that’s possible. Please Lord, give us guidance and help this country through this nightmare and bring about the day when we all will be united as Americans.



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