Parimutuel gaming a golden opportunity

To the editor:

As residents I know we are constantly asking one big question in this city: “How can Danville grow/come back?” Thankfully, I think we are all starting to see the answers now, and I’ve never felt better about our city and our future than I do today.

I feel even better when I consider a new opportunity we have to really carve out a niche in this region by becoming an entertainment destination, and that’s by allowing for pari-mutuel wagering in our city. In 2018, the General Assembly gave horse racing a big shot in the arm by voting to allow for historical horse racing machines in the state. Since that time, localities have been lining up to get an opportunity to host these machines, and traditional off track betting as well, by allowing for parimutuel wagering. That has to be done via referendum. Some localities, like Richmond, Vinton, New Kent County and Hampton, had already voted yes on referendums years ago, and they are now hosting, or about to host, “Rosie’s” parimutuel facilities. They are seeing hundreds of new jobs created and gaining millions in tax revenue. But they don’t have what we do: access to millions of potential players who live right across the state line in North Carolina and would be coming here to play the games, grab dinner, see a show and spend all that money in Danville. This could be a windfall for the city, and it really could make Danville a true entertainment destination. That’s not only fun, that’s a better future.

I hope people will join me in voting yes for pari-mutuel wagering in November. It’s another piece of the puzzle in the great Danville come back!



GOP’s blocking progress

To the editor:

Certain people who tell me that the “good for nothing” Democrats haven’t done anything but investigate their president are wrong. They must be getting their information from the Oval Office which believes their statement, but it’s nothing but lies after lies.

President Trump will have to quarrel with his own party over his statement of “good for nothing” Democrats. He said their hearts are not into infrastructure, lowering drug prices, pre-existing conditions or our vets. All wrong again.

Democrats, in addition to their investigations which are part of their jobs according to the Constitution, have taken up 51 major bills, 49 of which has been passed. They recently passed a bill to lower prescription drug prices and another one to protect for preexisting conditions. The House of Representatives also passed nine bills on veterans’ issues.

This is where Trump has to argue with Republicans, and he knows it but tries to lie his away around it. And his base believes everything he says.

The majority of the House Democrats’ agenda has hit a dead-end in the Republican-controlled Senate where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will not bring these bills up to a vote. Thus little is happening in Congress, but it’s not for the Democrats’ lack of trying. Democrats have put a large emphasis on health care that Trump has no plan for, wanting to gut the ACA which would have left millions with no health insurance at all.

Wouldn’t it be nice if both parties worked together for all of us?



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