Run all the politicians out of Washington

To the editor:

It is obvious that all of them in Washington are biased. I also think we can agree the Russians interfered with our election. And yes, Donald Trump publicly asked them to find Hillary Clinton’s emails. But does anyone actually believe he would collude with the Russians in such a public way? The idea is ridiculous, he was obviously being sarcastic.

The Russians are not our friends and do not have a history of helping Americans. They have their own agenda and are interested in sowing discord. And no one says they actually had any influence on the election.

It is also obvious that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team were biased against the president as demonstrated by the free pass they gave to Clinton in an obvious case of obstruction of justice. President Obama, his Department of Justice and Mueller’s team chose to ignore the deleting of thousands of emails, bleaching of hard drives and the physical destruction of phones.

The use of the bogus Steele dossier that was bought and paid for by the Clintons is more evidence of Mueller’s team bias.

None of those charged had anything to do with the Russian interference in our election or obstruction of justice. If there were any evidence of Trump’s involvement, he would have been indicted. Mueller and his biased team think Trump did something, but they have no proof only their suspicions.

Trump may have wanted to fire Mueller. He certainly wanted him to go away. But nothing was done. Mueller was not fired or interfered with.

So, if there was no collusion and Mueller was not interfered with, where is the crime? Congress has no legal grounds to stand on, only their own biased opinions and suspicions.

I think we can mostly agree that President Trump is a lying, cheating womanizer, Characteristics he shares with most of the politicians in Washington.

I can understand how the people of the FBI were put in a bad place by having proof that candidate Hillary Clinton, the most likely next president of the United States, was guilty of impeachable crimes. But what agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page tried to do is nothing short of a coup.

I believe, if Congress goes through with this sham of an impeachment and it fails, all of those who brought the charges should undergo impeachment proceedings for putting their own petty political interests before the good of the nation.

You may not like the man, but he is trying to do his job. Just what has Congress gotten done in the last four months? There are so many important issues facing the nation, and they have done nothing! I say impeach ’em all!



Learn about Judaism

To the editor:

Recent events continue to show the need for mutual respect and understanding among all people of good will, regardless of faith.

In that spirit, Temple Beth Sholom would like to invite interested readers to attend our Sabbath service on Friday, beginning at 7 p.m. at 129 Sutherlin Ave. Rabbi Tracy Klirs will conduct our Sabbath service, including reading from the Torah. In lieu of a sermon Rabbi Klirs will answer questions from the audience regarding Jewish belief and practices.

We expect service to conclude by 8:30, to be followed by refreshments and conversation in our social hall. Because of our limited seating, we ask that you RSVP to or 799-3505. We hope to see many of you on May 10.



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