Writer: Just what is the president hiding?

To the editor:

I never thought in all my years of living with either a Democratic or a Republican president that this one would turn our great country into a banana republic with his many naive followers who could care less about democracy or the constitution.

Donald Trump has done what he said he could do. Anything he wanted to and his followers would follow him and let him do it. He has ignored Congress like it doesn’t even exist, telling his cronies to ignore any subpoenas sent to them, has the Republican-held Senate on his side and the Department of Justice in his pocket with his crony Attorney General William Barr and has the military on his side since he is the commander-in-chief. Thus we have a modern-day dictator as our president.

The judiciary was created by our forefathers to keep the executive branch in check, something that Trump does not believe in. He knows nothing about the rule of law or the Constitution and thinks he is the CEO of this country and what he says goes, just like his failed company that lost a billion dollars over 10 years and paid very little taxes, if any at all.

Congress wants to see the unredacted Mueller Report that most likely would tell the truth that would make Trump look bad. Most Americans want to see this, except his base that thinks this man can’t do anything wrong. Trump doesn’t want Robert Mueller or former White House Counsel Donald McGahn to testify.

My question is what is this president trying to hide? I know, his obstruction of justice that both these men know he has committed. Trump falsely stated that Mueller’s investigators came up with no obstruction. Mueller left it up to Congress to finish it and that surprises me. Why couldn’t Mueller finish the job? That’s what Congress is trying to do.

Also, what is Trump hiding with his taxes? All presidents have turned over their taxes except this one. The lie about his being audited is getting old. I know what he is hiding and Mueller knows and most likely stated it in this report that Attorney General Barr has blackened out —- he owes his rear end to Russia and Saudi Arabia.

If Trump is so innocent and says he is being picked on, why doesn’t he prove it and instead of not allowing the proof to be seen? This con man is still trying to con his way out of the truth and so far he is winning.



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