Gay Pride, pride and the chance to unite

To the editor:

The recent pieces written by John Laughlin (June 23) and Matteo Pacifico (June 16) are an opportunity to unite. Their common link: pride, not gay pride, human pride. To think that you can understand God, speak for an entire faith, or, opposingly, dismiss the Bible as a chaotic, divisive work of fiction are one in the same: prideful fallacy.

I can’t proclaim to you that, “I am a Christian.” With time, sin lessened, and the fruit bears, but the divide remains. I fade in the shadow of Jesus; the image can’t be the original.

Despite my effort, the chains of body and mind inhibit me from being the example he sets. Truth: I’m a failure; I’m not good. The degree to which you identify with this statement will provide insight into the degree to which pride governs your life.

Juxtaposing my failed human state to Jesus stirs a desire in my heart to seek His truth more and then gently, patiently share my journey. Human pride aside, why were three crosses on Calvary? The innocent man hung in the middle is the truth to which we should aspire and the path to that truth. The men on either side represent the entirety of mankind; guilty. The difference between the two: Jesus.

In this respect, I’m not afraid of the LGBTQIA community, but instead stand unified in the failed state of being human. The only eternal difference between us: Jesus. For which an invitation to know him is and will remain open: just as you are.


Liberty, N.C.

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