Writer: Homosexuality Nothing to Be ‘Proud’ Of

To the editor:

The Register & Bee recently featured an announcement by a local resident that the month of June is “Gay Pride Month.” The expression “gay pride” is familiar enough, but it raises questions and issues that no one, to my knowledge, seems to have addressed.

Pride itself is a most obnoxious trait, even in a person of extraordinary attainments, and in the eyes of God it is what we might call the “mother of sins” because it expresses itself in anger, impatience and other detestable behavior. Watchman Nee, a very gifted Chinese Christian leader, was wont to say, “Only the fool is proud” — a statement with which all sober, thinking people have agreed with through the ages, so that, even assuming that Sodomites, lesbians and transgenders have made outstanding achievements in certain areas, they would still be well-advised not to be puffed up with pride about it, and thereby make fools of themselves. But just exactly what is it that entitles homosexuals to set aside an entire month as “Gay Pride Month”?

Surely it can’t be their inability to procreate, because this is no small deficiency. In fact, it means that if the world’s entire populations was made up of homosexuals, the human race would become extinct in one generation. Are they “proud” because they have now “come out”? If they are, then by this same principle, a stripper should be “proud” because she is brazen enough to undress in public, a man should be proud because he is a flagrant adulterer, another man should be proud because he manages to run a lucrative but crooked business and a teenager should be proud because he is routinely defiant and disrespectful toward his parents and teachers. True, in the context of a self-created universe with no God, law and fixed moral standards, neither sodomy, adultery, stealing nor any other behavior could be called wrong, and it is conceivable that a thief or murderer could be proud of these acts. But from an ant to a galaxy, everything around us shouts aloud the existence of the eternal, glorious, self-existing creator who made and sustains all things. This creator has made man a distinctly moral creature, and has given him fixed moral absolutes, and something which no animal has — a conscience which discerns the demands of God’s moral law. The law of God condemns all the behavior just mentioned and identifies sexual perversion as peculiarly heinous and intolerable in his sight. Until the 20th century, all Western nations (under Christian influence) recognized this as a moral principle which regulated society and regarded the sexual deviate as shameful and scandalous. How that same deviate has now come to be “proud” of his lifestyle is a phenomenon that is too massive to be fully understood or explained.

In closing, I would like to answer a question frequently asked by homosexuals — what harm does our lifestyle do to society? Actually, homophobia exists almost entirely in true Christians. These have no fears of being physically harmed by homosexuals, and though homosexuals will have the prayers of Christians, they will never be harmed by them. However, Christians have good reason to fear the influence of homosexuals on their children. Christian homophobia is rooted in an unshakable belief in what the Bible reveals about God’s response to communities and nations where homosexuality is tolerated. Christians are just sure that God incinerated Sodom and Gomorrah because of their homosexuality as they believe in the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11. They know that in these retributive judgments heterosexuals often suffer with homosexuals. A recent and vivid case in point is the sexual revolution which was celebrated at Ballad Brewery here in Danville last summer. This first-of-a-kind event for Danville was later followed by Hurricane Michael which brought rain that was measured, not in inches but in feet. What this cost the city and its residents we have no way of knowing. But no Christian will question the fact that the devastating storm was a divine judgment on the event at Ballad. No true Christian will taste the eternal torments of hell, but when God executes his righteous judgments on the wicked around him, it is a part of community life in this world that he will not entirely escape those judgments. In this sense Christians have every reason to be alarmed at the sexual revolution which has swept over this beloved country.



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